Building up a business from scratch can be painstaking and difficult. It indeed an adventure that shouldn’t be journeyed alone. There are thousands of technicalities that may make your business journey much tougher. Discover how you can get the insightful information you need in order to be successful with your business toll venture.

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1st Milestone of Going Official

The very first thing that gets initiated is gathering precise details of your business that pertains to the setup process and then applying for your business brand name availability. Then we proceed and register all legalities for your new venture which include type, State location, the specified Board members, Directors and other officers dedicated as part of the organization.

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Pre-Determined Market Presence

Building a presence before getting started is just about essential to every business that exists today. Prior to registering your domain and legal brand name, one crucial step is to ensure that the platforms are available with the same legal brand / company name. This method allows businesses to be positioned to be quickly indexed and filtered throughout the World Wide Web.

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Establishing a Perfect Brand in Market

Branding over the years has a successful toll over the internet. We believe that in order for a well-balanced brand quality, creation of a unique platform via accessible online, that allows users to interact with platform / company for services, products, updates etc. Our team of experienced and innovated passionate team will subline your business website geared to harvest high revenue streams and create sensational awareness.

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Building Strategic Partnerships

Over the years of successful deployment and development of projects, we have launched a new stream of services that is associated to helping start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area. With over 11 States and 4 Countries, we are dedicated in providing more than just a service, we build businesses up for the long run and pave the path for a stronger relationship between our company and our clients.

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Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Limited liability is a business and legal concept that regulates a business that protects business owners from the responsibilities of their business. Business owners who have limited liability cannot lose more than their investment in the business, which means that the creditors cannot make use of the personal assets of the owner to recover their loans to the said start-up. In the case of a legal suit or bankruptcy, the debts can be recovered up to the value of the business’ assets. A shareholder cannot be put under the compulsion to sell his house or other assets to cover his participation in the debt of the company.

How are LLCs Taxed?

LLCs are not like corporations and are referred to as pass-through entities much like a partnership or sole ownership. The IRS allows to pass through all the business profits to the business owner(s), who have to pay these taxes and report them on their personal tax returns. An LLC, on it’s own is not a tax paying entity and is not subject to any type of federal income tax (although Florida, California, Delaware, and New York do impose taxes on LLCs).

Incorporation (S Corp, C Corp)

  • If you are planning to raise capital from outside investors or go public, the best way to go about it is incorporation. Getting registered as a C-Corp or an S-Corp can help you in achieving your objectives in this case.

How C-Corporation and S-Corporation Taxed?

  • C Corps are subject to double taxation i.e. first the corporation is taxed and then the shareholders who receive dividends pay tax on their personal income. On the other hand, S Corps are also known as pass-through entities which means that they don’t have to pay a federal income tax. Only the shareholders must pay the taxes according to their percentage of investment. They are not subject to self-employment taxes on their share of income in an S Corp’s profits.


  • Owner’s share of profits is taxable
  • The business Is liable to pay corporate income tax
  • The profits or losses of the business are passed through to the owners each accounting period
  • No limit to number of shareholders
  • Only US citizens or resident aliens can be shareholders


  • Owner’s share of profits is taxable.
  • The business does not have to pay and federal tax on profits.
  • The profits or losses of the business are passed through to the owners each accounting period.
  • Maximum number of shareholders is 100.
  • Only US citizens or resident aliens can be shareholders.

We Specialize in the Following

  • Explaining your management, marketing, and financial plan through a preliminary business plan.
  • Developing a partnership agreement that is free of loopholes and avoid any trouble regarding the business’ operations in the future.
  • Recognizing the insurance requirements of your business.
  • Filing Taxes on time.
  • Developing internal cost controls.
  • Developing your receivable cycle to maximize the cash flow.
  • Developing your cash flow requirements to help you understand your cash requirements to keep your business alive during its early stages.
  • Preparing all documents for legal permits and licenses.
  • Developing a start-up capital requirement.
  • Setting up a payroll system and employee tax filing when you hire your first employee.
  • Complying with Labour Laws and other employment laws to avoid any legal hassles with unhappy employees.
  • Providing experience business consultants and all types of accountants and set up an accounting software-based system according to your needs and requirements.
  • Determining where you can raise capital from i.e. sources of capital.
  • Putting together a business structure according to your needs to help you with tax saving, operational ease, legal exposure, and ease of relocation.

Discover how you can be part of the team today by giving our experts the opportunity to provide your business the required insights to establish a success presence within the United States.