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Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services


Many companies these days are focusing more on reducing cost from their expenditures for which they are hiring outsource accounts payable service companies that can offer flexible accounts payable outsourcing services. Nomers Business Services accounts payable outsourcing services provide their customers with the ability convert their accounts payable procedures into a more systematized and automated systems which are driven by improved controls, higher professional levels of services and lower processing cost.

With our advanced accounts payable outsourcing services we deliver you the benefits of most skilled accounting staff and advanced technology that could help in reducing your extra business costs.

Our Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services includes the following, but are not limited to:

Data Capture: Which further includes, management of receipts and paper based payable documents for sorting, Batch preparation, Document indexing, Document storage and retrieval, Audit and reconciliation of scanned invoices.
Data Processing: This includes proactive management of exception transactions including Approval and exception routing, Shortened month-end closing process, documented audit trail.
Suspect Duplicate Analysis: Which helps in audit and eliminate duplicate payments for Three-way database matching, Manual and automated data entry, Electronic invoice processing.

Our Accounts Payable Outsourcing Service Benefits:

100% Invoice Visibility within 24 Hours
You can access quarterly, monthly or annual reports
Lowering Processing Costs & Increasing Productivity
Faster Period closes, faster approvals, and providing detailed accrual reports
You can leverage accounts payable expertise while cutting down on costs

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